Environmental responsibility

BlueScope is committed to the efficient use of resources, preventing pollution and reducing the environmental impact of its operations and products.

BlueScope and the Illawarra environment


BlueScope develops, implements and maintains environment management systems that are consistent with internationally recognised standards.

The Environmental Management Systems for our larger facilities within the Illawarra are certified to the international environment management standard: ISO 14001:2015. For a detailed scope of what is covered by the ISO 14001 certification contact PKSW Environment.

The Port Kembla Steelworks, Springhill Works, Western Sydney Service Centre and Commonwealth Rolling Mills (CRM) facilities operate in accordance with our environmental protection licences, administered by the EPA.

We are committed to improving our environmental performance and work on projects to reduce our environmental footprint. These projects focus on:

  • The efficient use of resources;
  • Pollution prevention strategies and the mitigation of process disturbances; and
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our products.