Environmental responsibility

BlueScope's approach

A framework based on Our Bond


Our Bond expresses BlueScope’s commitment to care for the environment as a matter of principle. The framework supporting Our Bond consists of:

  • BlueScope Health, Safety, Environment & Community (HSEC) Policy;
  • BlueScope Environment Principles;
  • BlueScope Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Standards; and
  • Procedures and guidelines.

Our HSEC Policy states that we are committed to the efficient use of resources, preventing pollution, and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products.


Our Environment Principles consist of:

  • Environmental performance and improvement is a management responsibility.
  • All employees must adhere to environmental policies and procedures.
  • Report, investigate and correct all environmental incidents.
  • Training all employees to raise awareness is essential.
  • Honest, open, and timely communication is essential.

BlueScope’s HSE Standards define the requirements for the development, implementation and maintenance of Environmental Management Systems across the Company. There are 14 HSE Standards covering elements such as leadership, risk management, legal compliance, emergency management, training, communication, incident management and performance measurement.