Environmental considerations for loading material at products berth

Various materials are loaded onto vessels at BlueScope’s products berth in Port Kembla harbour. The process requires consideration of appropriate management of environmental risks given the proximity to the harbour. For materials which contain fines, such as copper concentrate, even more stringent management is required, in particular around loading the material into the hold of a vessel. If the material was tipped from above the hold, dust emissions could be generated which could then fall onto docks or into the harbour.

It was therefore proposed that a rotating spreader should be utilised in the loading process. This rotating spreader grasps containers that are uniquely designed for the process. These containers are lowered into the hold of the vessel and then tipped, thus minimising/eliminating the liberation of dust emissions.

All containers holding copper concentrate are modified so that they can be unloaded using the rotating spreader. This process has reduced waste and significantly reduced the potential for emissions to land, air and water.