Reducing hazardous waste to landfill at Hot Strip Mill

The process of grinding rolls from Port Kembla Steelworks Hot Strip Mill involves a recirculating water system with an additive that cools and lubricates the grinding wheel, while the water flushes away the metal shavings or debris (also known as swarf).

Previously, the swarf ran via a chute into a clarifier and through a filtration process that used a magnetic drum to separate it. Any swarf not picked up by the magnetic drum and abrasive residue from the grinding wheel was then collected by filter paper. Although the swarf was recycled back into the steelmaking process, the filter media and filter paper which cannot be reused was processed as hazardous waste.  This process was labour intensive and expensive.

In looking for a new system that eliminated the requirement for filter paper, a new roll grinder sediment tank was designed. The design incorporates a steel plate clarifier that eliminates the need for filter paper, thus reducing landfill requirements and disposal costs.

 Roll grinder sediment tank

IMAGE: Roll grinder sediment tank