Waste and energy savings at Slabmaking

At the completion of every Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) heat, all loose materials (steel, slag and unconsumed fluxes) in the furnace are poured out prior to commencing the next heat. This resulted in the loss of steel, which compromises process yield, and fluxes that have not fully been consumed and could be used to treat the subsequent heat.

A project was initiated to investigate a method for retaining the slag, with the objective to increase the yield of each heat in a safe and environmentally sound manner. An additional benefit of this project would be the reduction in the consumption of fluxes and Coke Ovens Gas (COG) required for burning. The new method involved modifying control systems and developing a slag retention acceptance criterion that included specific parameters for temperature and visibility using the infra-red camera system.

This project has resulted in a more efficient use of resources and the generation of less waste.