"RE-BERTH" of our Coke Loading Infrastructure

Shipping Berth 112 coal and the coke loader at Port Kembla was demolished in 1997 due to structural failure. Since then, trucks have been used to transport coke product from the Inner Harbour stockpile to another berth.

With some of the Berth 112 infrastructure still in place, work was undertaken to re-establish a dedicated vessel loader. The newly designed and installed loader processes approximately 600 tonnes per hour of Coke on a 24 hour x 7 day operation whilst vessels are alongside the berth.

The new conveyor system design - complete with covers, an enclosed screening station and wider
telescopic conveyors - minimises dust emissions, recycles cargo fines into sintering and blast furnace
processes, and minimises the potential for spillage into Port Kembla Harbour.

In addition, the reduction in approximately 13,500 trucking hours p.a. on internal roads has also
contributed to reduced dust and fugitive dust emissions.