A Bottle of Coke Saves over $60K p.a.

In late 2017, the BlueScope team at our Springhill Works (Port Kembla Steelworks) trialed a new process which
involved turning off some unneeded ovens when applying Silkote at the Number 3 Coating and Painting line.

The capital investment was modest: one bottle of coke for a BlueScope Combustion Equipment Specialist who kindly re-programmed the software to automate the new process.

Whilst a simple idea, it had an enormous benefit. Per annum, the changes save over $60,000, reduce our energy usage equivalent to turning off over 1,000 home heaters, in turn saving tonnes of C02 emissions, as well as improving plant efficiency by reducing roller setup times.

A great success story for Springhill, with the new system now fully operational for all future orders of Silkote.