On the 25th July we cast the 17,000,000th tonne of hot metal from number 5 Blast Furnace for this campaign (its 4th).
Interestingly at the same point, by days of campaign we are just a nose in front of number 6BF at equivalent days . This includes all the issues we have had with copper staves.

The skill and commitment of the Ironmaking team is world class and with the support of the rest of our team in Coke & Iron and every one accross the Illawarra that has helped with the staves ... great effort !!

Note - copper staves are part of the cooling system needed to maintain the life of the furnace. If you would like to know more about the operation of the Blast Furnace, click here to access the Illawarra Mercury's Steel Story article. The Furnace's 4th campaign started after a 'reline' in 2009.