New LED Lighting installed recently within Ore Preparation, as well as on all three cast house floors at our Number 5 Blast Furnace not only save energy, but improve the lighting.

The decision was made to replace high energy metal halide CHF lighting with LEDs - and it was an easy decision to make. There is a significant improvement in lighting intensity along with a reduction in maintenance and connected load. LED lights last up to 10x longer than light bulbs which means they have to be replaced less frequently. They use less than half the power output as light bulbs (energy saving). 

At Ore Preparation, the projected energy saving is 742,810kWh/a, a CO2reduction of 609tCO2e/a. This is equivalent to the removal of 193 cars from the road.

The project within Number 5 Blast Furnace achieved a saving of 227,760kWh/a, corresponding to a CO2 reduction of 187tCO2p/a. This is equivalent to the removal of 59 cars from the road.