UPDATE - The Waste Gas Cleaning Plant bypass was completed on 25 June 2021. Results of air emissions monitoring undertaken during the bypass period are available on this website - click here.

BlueScope installed additional monitoring equipment and controls following the fire at the Sinter Plant Waste Gas Cleaning Plant stack in late 2014. This included enhanced processes, procedures and specific bypass licence conditions to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the waste gas cleaning plant.

BlueScope will temporarily bypass the Waste Gas Cleaning Plant which serves the Sinter Plant at our Port Kembla Steelworks, to ensure the safe operation of the plant. There will still be pollution control in place during this time. In May 2020, the Waste Gas Cleaning Plant operated in this by-pass mode and experienced issues with the air emissions. The maintenance activities ceased prematurely at the time of identifying these issues and the Sinter Plant operation went back to using the Waste Gas Cleaning Plant before completing all the maintenance work required.

The Waste Gas Cleaning Plant will be in ‘bypass mode’ for 3 weeks beginning on 18th June which will allow time to perform the critical maintenance activities that were not completed during the 2020 outage.

Whilst there may be some visible emissions from the Sinter Plant during this period, we can assure the community that the plant will continue to operate within its existing stringent environmental licence limits as regulated by the EPA. The issues experienced during the 2020 by-pass period were extensively investigated, the root cause identified and preventative measures implemented. We will be conducting extensive air emissions monitoring during the bypass with the results reported on the BlueScope in the Illawarra website - click here.

The EPA and BlueScope’s Community Consultative Committee (CCC) have been advised of the interim arrangement.

Check this website for updates or call 1800 640 252. Click here for the location of the Sinter Plant stack (Sinter Machine).